Trying To Copy Russian Humor

My great friend David is so stereotypically Eastern European.

He makes me laugh with practically everything he says (and it's not just because of his thick-ass accent). He's just amazingly unfiltered, and it's made for many very interesting conversations throughout the years. It's natural then that I got him in my YouTube channel when I was starting out in 2013. Here's him charming the ladies.

We went to Wizard World Philadelphia one year and we took some cool pictures, including this one with Henry Winkler.

Comic-con memories

The funniest photo from this weekend is when David decided to sneak a peek when taking pictures with a girl dressed as Ms. Marvel.

Penetrating eyes

This photo should go on the all-time list of hilariously candid moment. David perfectly captures that curious Eastern European look rarely seen in men from that region because they're so busy trying to put on a drunk, meathead facade :)

So when Phil, Mike, Maria, and I went to Marina Del Rey to take some photos. We tried to copy this Russian madness.

Too self-aware?

The main difference between the two images is that Maria knows what's going on, and Ms. Marvel doesn't. That's where the humor differs. One's a picture of "sneaking a peek." The other's a picture of "peaking." The humor is in the "sneaking."

So there we go. I'll go back to being a good-boy. I don't have that Eastern European in me :) Yes, I know I'm stereotyping. No offense intended. Actually, offense totally intended. In case you haven't figured it out, this blog post was meant to be funny.

Talk to you guys next time :) Special shoutout to Phil for taking the inspired photo. You can follow him on Instagram here. Follow Maria here.