Vlogging About Social Issues

My first glimpse of MRA was a hilarious clip on YouTube of a representative on the Faith Daniels show. The guy was dressed in a skirt and seemed so pathetic.

After seeing that clip, I wanted to hate on the MRA movement because I'm human, and like any human being, I'm susceptible to bad first impressions. Maybe two years after I first stumbled on the video, I started reading more into MRA, and it's more radical counterpart, MGTOW. I don't know why, but a lot of the MGTOW community started commenting on some of my videos, and I started conversing with them. That was the start. I realized that many of the arguments those people espouse had huge merits. Our society isn't perfect or even close to that, and many men in today's society feel lost by social norms, legal norms, and the brain chemistry of the two sexes that haven't caught up to our modern society. MRA and MGTOW are just two ways to deal with society's increasing disconnected social organization caused by electronics. MRA makes some very great points, and I wanted to contribute to the movement. What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century? What issues should we put on the table that were buried for too long?

What I forgot to mention in this vlog is what happened to the two other friends. While my first friend became very neurotic, like my vlog explained, my other two friends became very shy and introverted. You can tell they were fundamentally uncomfortable with something.

Enjoy my vlog!