Inspired by DJ Sarah Lawrence

I met DJ Sarah Lawrence in 2014 when I was in LA exploring my artistic brain. I filmed a spontaneous video in West Hollywood and interviewed her for a little video that I was doing with my friend Austin Spies:

So it turned out prior to becoming a DJ, Sarah was on Australia's Next Top Model. That's pretty cool! She never mentioned it when I met her, so I applaud her humbleness and ability to let her personality shine irrespective of looks. Previously, I described how my friend Sean's modeling picture with Angelina Jolie inspired a photo that I took in Silver Lake. So I started looking for more poses to copy. I decided Sarah would be a good person to pull inspiration from because she's a model like Sean. While looking for inspiration, I stumbled on a photo from her Model Mayhem page that I knew would work.

Model Mayhem

So Phil, Mike and I were at the Staples Center in Downtown LA, and I pulled out my phone to load the pose. After examining the pose, I used Phil's DSLR to take the photo. I ended up changing the picture slightly to add my own artistic touch.

Phocus Pictures

The biggest difference in this picture is the perspective. Whereas Sarah and her two male models are taken from more-or-less eye-level. I had my three friends stand up a platform and I took it from below. In addition, I put the Staples Center in the right, which forces a certain perspective. The Staples Center arches out, and from this perspective, it looks like a distortion of the lens. The background essentially forms a triangle to tell people to focus on the foreground. Let's put the two side by side as comparison:

Original vs Inspired

The difference in clothing affects the picture greatly. The colorfulness of Sarah's picture distracts from the people at hand. I have no context for her photo. Maybe it was supposed to be for a clothing catalogue or something. I really didn't like the man's pink fedora hat XD That just looked awkward. I think showing my friend's Harry Styles hair works better. The other thing I changed was the hover hands on the left side. Here's a more zoomed in view:

The guy on the left has his hands hovering over Sarah's right arm, and I just find that awkward. It reminds me of awkward high school prom photos where the guy is too scared to touch the girl. That's why I made Mike place his hands on Nicole's arm. Seems more natural, and would be what people do in pictures (as adults). 

Nicole doesn't have a purse like Sarah. I wonder what she would have looked like with a purse.

In the end, Sarah's photo gives a vibe of two guys vying for a girl's attention and she having nothing of it, whereas my photo has a girl with a brotherly figure on the left (her right) and more flirtatious figure the right. Mine shows more nuance.

So this is my second picture comparison on my site. I love analyzing and I love getting into specifics :) I'm biased to my own work, so I obviously analyzed my inspired picture with more praise. However, art is subjective, and I really thank Sarah for inspiring me to frame a certain way.

For those of you who want to see Sarah's site. Click here