Giving the Sean & Angelina Photo Another Go

Last time I tried to copy the Sean & Angelina picture, I almost got it. However, mimicry never achieves the exact level of awesomeness as the original, so I decided to reinterpret it for a third time (technically fourth time since I replicated it with Phil and Nicole in DTLA).

This time, it got even closer. Instead of the motorcycle that Angelina Jolie sat on, I put Nicole on the bike. However, therein lies the problem with the photo and how I positioned myself and Nicole. I'm not Sean's height, so putting Nicole on the bike suddenly makes me look awkward :) Whereas Sean's model height makes him still a head taller than Angelina in the photo.

Look at the three images below and compare:

I just happened to wear the same shirt both times, which is hilarious and unintended! My primary criticism of the picture in the middle (taken in Silver lake) is that I look a little too withdraw and distracted. If I tilted my head a little toward Cynthia or put my left hand on her waist, then the picture would have been perfect. In the picture on the right, Nicole looks so comfortable on the bike, but I just don't look comfortable with my positioning. And this is the problem that I'll have to fix next time. I think the way to get around  this is for me to sit on the bike seat and have Nicole sit on the bar in front so that way we're both sitting on the bike. Let's see if this works! Keep you posted! Fourth time's the charm?