Inspired by Sean and Angelina

I remember in 2015 when I went through my brother Sean Ching's modeling portfolio. There was a picture that caught my eye. The lady in it was very sexy. She also looked eerily familiar.

"That's Angelina Jolie," Sean told me. 

Then it made sense. That's why my bro's been so arrogant all these years. He had a very good modeling career in Southeast Asia and China after that picture was taken. 

After seeing that photo, I wanted to get a follow-up. At first, I told Sean that he should find Angelina Jolie again and take a "20 years later" photo, but Jolie's too hard to get a hold of these days, so Sean told me it wasn't going to happen. I went to plan b: I'll take my own photo inspired by this.

My friends Phil and Mike and I were in Silver Lake the other day taking pictures. 

Phil and Mike at Evidence Film Studios.

In the midst of our picture session, this girl on her headphones stood near us where we grabbed this shot:


So I went over to her and recruited her. She was amazingly chill and wanted to help. She was named Cynthia, and she was visiting LA. She was getting ready to do her makeup at a salon when we stumbled on each other. I showed her Sean and Angelina's photo and told her we'll replicate it. She felt inspired by it too and was totally onboard to get the picture done. Here's the result:

Of course, the two pictures are not completely the same. First of all, Sean and Angelina are sitting on a motorcycle or a car, so he's got her legs up. Also, the vibe of Sean and Angelina is more sexual. He's got both hands on her, and his jacket is open. She's also got her signature Jolie sexiness in the picture. My inspired look was more protective, but I'm also more "in my artistic zone." In my picture, it's almost like Cyn's an afterthought that ends up grabbing all the attention from me because she's so pretty. If you look at my other hand, it's ready to do something like smash a zombie's head or even wrap around the fencing behind me. And that leads to the background. The background in the inspired picture is much more gritty. The two in the foreground are dressed so nice, which provides a very interesting contrast. In the original, the vibe of the background matches the foreground. In case you haven't figured it out, I love analyzing these subtle details.

So that's my story. I love photos showing AMXF (Asian Males with Non-Asian Females). Diversity is awesome :) You guys should check out Cyn's soundcloud. Her music is so soothing!

I also want to thank Phil and Mike for helping me take the picture. You can follow Phil's twitter here. I also took a picture of him and Cyn. You can see that on Cyn's Twitter. Follow Sean's page here.