With a background in journalism, digital media, and public relations, Jerry has the unique ability to promote and market brands for maximum exposure and social media interaction. Jerry also acts and wants to learn more about the beautiful craft.


I loved to tell stories as a kid. My cousins grew up listening to the ghost stories and history lessons that I would often give them. In high school, I always watched the behind-the-scenes features in DVDs because I loved learning about how movies were made. I also wrote stories on Facebook and also published random thoughts. I was blogging before I even knew the word. When I attended University of Pennsylvania, I started taking film classes. That's when I fell in love with filmmaking. It was also there that I won my first award for a documentary that I created during my senior year. I started putting content on YouTube in the winter of 2012. My friend gave me an idea to go out and give free hugs to people, so we went into DC and started hugging people. We got that all down on camera. That's when the inspiration happened. I started making positive videos every weekend. I was working at FOX 29 in Philadelphia at the time my channel got its first 1,000 subscribers. By the fall of 2013, my YouTube channel was partnered with the Fullscreen MCN. Since then, I've explored partnerships with BBTV, Brave Bison, Storyful, HitRECord, and various other brands. I'm still in LA building my brand. I make positive videos, martial arts videos, and I do freelance editing and social media consulting. I also have a day-job, but you can find more information about that on my LinkedIn ;)

Social Media

My foray into social media started with a chance occurrence. One of my videos got featured on a college gossip blog in 2012. My filmmaking suddenly got the whole campus' attention because of a very neat juggling video. That was when I realized the power of social media. In 2013, my friend Koba, a data-scientist, started teaching me more about social media. We started learning and testing social media strategy soon afterwards. I was addicted after that and started attending seminars. My experience in PR helped hone my social media skills even more. I learned how to reach news media outlets and niche blogs. Now, I manage more than five Facebook groups and more than three subreddits, have working relationships with three very popular martial arts blogs, and interact with people all over social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. I know how to get myself, my friends, and my clients publicity because I know how to find the people with influence who are looking for content to feature. I'm also slowly becoming an influencer, having more than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube as of 2018.


Camera - Canon Vixia HF G10. Panasonic AG HMC 150. Canon EOS 7D.

Editing Experience - Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut 7, and Avid Media Composer.

Languages - Fluent in Chinese, working knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Social Media - Reddit, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer.

Voiceover - Have provided variety of voiceover work for different clients.

Content Strategy - YouTube

Audience Growth - YouTube

MySQL Bootcamp - Udemy


Popular Club - Reddit

One of my posts reached the front page of /r/popular on Reddit. /r/popular is an aggregation of the best content submitted to Reddit. There are only about 400 people in the exclusive PopularClub.

Eternity Club - Reddit

One of my posts on Reddit reached the front page in popularity (featured on /r/all), so that post reached at least three million people. This distinction of getting on the front page gives me access to the exclusive Eternity Club of social influencers. There are only about 10,000 members in this club.

Decade Club - Reddit

I am part of an exclusive community of Redditors who have 10,000 Karma or more. To get "Karma," your comments or links have to have been voted up by people. This award means that I'm a very influential social media influencer on Reddit. The community has 700 people.

Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media - HitRECord

Founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a community for artists to share and remix each other's artistic work, HitRECord has had a very successful television run on Pivot TV. One of my videos was featured in episode two of season one of HitRECord on TV.

Award Of Merit - The Indie Film Awards

Won an award for my social commentary documentary comedy that I made my senior year of college.


More About Me

Cities - Lived in Chicago, Washington DC metropolitan area, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles County. I also spent more than six years in Chengdu, China and a considerable amount of time in Luan, China.

Education - University of Pennsylvania

Filming locations - Experience shooting in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and California.

Specialties - Having spent years training in Kung Fu, Jerry has a passion for martial arts and loves filming martial artists.

Final Words

Go for it - Whatever you want to do in life, go do it!