With a background in journalism, digital media, and public relations, Jerry has the unique ability to promote and market brands for maximum exposure and social media interaction. Jerry also acts and wants to learn more about the beautiful craft.


I loved to tell stories as a kid. My cousins loved to listen to the ghost stories and history lessons I told them. In high school, I always watched the behind-the-scenes features in DVDs because I loved learning about how movies were made. I was at University of Pennsylvania when I started taking film classes. That's when I fell in love with filmmaking. I started putting content on YouTube in the winter of 2012. My friend gave me an idea to go out and give free hugs to people, so we went into DC and started hugging people. We got that all down on camera. That's when the inspiration happened. I started making positive videos every weekend. I was working at FOX 29 in Philadelphia at the time. By the fall of 2013, my YouTube channel was partnered with the Fullscreen MCN. Now I'm in LA building my brand. I make positive videos, martial arts videos, and I do freelance editing and social media consulting.

Social Media

My foray into social media started with a chance occurrence. One of my videos got featured on a college gossip blog in 2012. My filmmaking suddenly got the whole campus' attention and my video. That was when I realized the power of social media. In 2013, my friend Koba, a data-scientist, started teaching me more about social media. We started learning and testing social media strategy soon afterwards. I was addicted after that and started attending seminars. My internship in PR helped hone my social media skills even more. I learned how to reach news media outlets and niche blogs. Now, I manage two Facebook groups and three subreddits, have working relationships with three very popular martial arts blogs, and interact with people all over social media sites like Pheed, Twitter, and Tumblr. I know how to get myself, my friends, and my clients publicity because I know how to find the people with influence who are looking for content to feature.


Camera - Canon Vixia HF G10. Panasonic AG HMC 150.

Editing Experience - Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut 7, and Avid Media Composer.

Languages - Fluent in Chinese, working knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Social Media - Reddit, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck.

Voiceover - Have provided variety of voiceover work for different clients.

Videography Packages

White Belt - Help with a shoot, editing consultation, or social media help. $50/hour.

Blue Belt  - Professional editing and a final video export delivered. $100/hour.

Brown Belt - Video shot and edited from beginning to end. Professional DVD burned with menu options included. $1000.

Sensei - Everything from the Brown Belt package, plus video uploaded to a professional YouTube channel created along with two other social media accounts. $2000.

Sijo - Everything from the Sensei package, plus active PR/social media support for a month. $5000.

More About Me

Cities - Lived in Chicago, Washington DC metropolitan area, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles County. I also spent more than six years in Chengdu, China and a considerable amount of time in Luan, China.

Education - University of Pennsylvania

Filming locations - Experience shooting in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and California.

Specialties - Having spent years training in Kung Fu, Jerry has a passion for martial arts and loves filming martial artists.

Final Words

Go for it - Whatever you want to do in life, go do it!