Yes, I’ve been on television occasionally

All these years doing stuff related to media, it was bound to happen once in a while, right? Television is on it’s way out anyways, so this is not really impressive knowing that I reach way more people on digital media. However, for us non-Generation-Z people, television still holds a special place in our hearts, so I’m humble-bragging on this page to our nostalgia. These appearances are mostly funny, so enjoy!

New Zealand Show The Project

In 2015, I made a funny YouTube product review of The Lillipad, a contraption that improves toilet posture. In 2018, it was used as B-roll in a segment where the anchors interviewed the creator of the device. Enjoy the full review below.


One Of My Videos Was In Season 1 Ep. 2

The episode was on “Fantasy”, so there’s a brief segment where my shot of the waters at Catoctin Mountain Park was in the background.

CNN Show This Is The Life

I talked to Lisa Ling about some issues that men face for her segment on Divorced Dads. Unfortunately, the interview barely made it into the show, but you can see a little bit here.

FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia

This was the first time that I know of. I was an intern back in 2013 at FOX 29. Enjoy!