Why? Why do they teach this?

Let's just say I'm not impressed ;)

First of all, many media companies have no idea what Fair Use means. So many of my commentaries have to fight pyrrhic victories related to Fair Use. By the time Fair Use gets appreciated, the video's algorithm is already messed up and it doesn't reach the people it was supposed to reach. In this way, YouTube really screws commentators and journalists with their policies. The only thing we can really do is adapt, so I decided to give competitor Dailymotion a try.

Second of all, I watching a famous Taiwanese movie called "You Are The Apple To My Eye." This movie won so many awards when it came out in 2011. The whole movie cringed me out so much. Why do men in Asia have to grow up with this type of hopeless romanticism that's also tinged with slight nihilism? 

Watch this clip to see what I mean.

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